Ingo Maurer Lights – Poetic Visuals to Brighten your World

Ingo Maurer is more than just a creator of lights. He is an expressive artist that creates poetic visuals that will brighten your world both literally and figuratively – and it all started with a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling above his bed. He thought “what a magnificent shape”. Thus, began his journey as one of the most amazing lighting designers ever.

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Indoor Reindeer Lamps; 12 beautiful designs

Nature inspired designs resonate with every season and Christmas is no exception. Reindeer’s pop up everywhere, in the garden, on the mantle, on the tree and even as indoor lamps, many of the designs are beautiful and neutral enough to be used all year round.

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Steam Bent Wood Lights by Tom Raffield

Wood is not the most transparent of materials to use for lamp shades but when steam bent and twisted with lots of space in-between for the light to get through, the wood light pendants by Tom Raffield will light up any room they are used in. This one is called The Giant Flock as though it were a flock of birds – cool.

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Evelyn M 180x

Evelyn M

We offer;

  • Interior Painting
  • Renovations
  • New Build Design
  • Millwork and Trim

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“I began my Interior Design career apprenticing with an architectural/engineering firm in Vancouver. I have my Associate of Interior Design from Douglas College; I spent an additional 3 years night school at BCIT studying building technology and 3 years night school at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This combination of training gives me an all round approach to design from technical to creative and it is that all round approach that makes my design capabilities stand out.